Saturday, October 14, 2006


The wonderful thing about the Church is that is a living organism - the Body of Christ. The Church is … or at least should be … in a constant state of changing, conforming to Christ and impacting culture. I have begun to feel very strongly that the Church is on the verge of great change, especially in North America. The Church in Asia, Africa and South America has been redeveloping, the Church in Europe is slowly being reborn after remaining stagnant and the Church in North America is going to enter a time of great change. Many theologians and ecclesiologists have been lifting their voices, sharing how they think the Church can best represent God in this age. I would like to lend my voice to these.
The purpose of this blog is to challenge the Church in matters of doctrine, faith and practice. The Church is killing itself because it is either too culture focused, too individual focused or too dogma focused. I believe that the only way for the Church to function and honor Christ is to be God focused or, as I call it, theocentric. We need to go God intimately and study Him. This involves doctrine, which modern Christians seem to avoid. This involves everything we have. Scripture makes it clear that who we are is Christ. “For your life has been hidden with Christ in God, and when Christ, who is your life, appears, you also will appear with Him in glory” (Col 3:3-4, emphasis mine).
So who am I, and what gives me authority to speak to the Church. While I do have some theological training (a Bachelor of Religious Education with a Pastoral Major) my only authority comes from being a believer, not a Bible School grad. In fact, we all have both authority and responsibility to speak God’s Truth to one another. We are, as Peter puts is, “a royal priesthood”. I am nothing, I have no authority, but I put great effort in speaking only that which God commands in His word. My responsibility is to teach accurately, yours is to verify that I have (Acts 17:11). My heart and my prayer is that this blog will focus not only you mind, but your whole being on Christ. My hope is that, in this generation, the Church will grow strong in faith, action and deeds. And my expectation is that we will all be THEOCENTRIC.


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